Back Pain Relief

Well, the movement pattern that many people on exercise, sports and everyday life misused, causing increased stress on the spine to cause premature wear.

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correct the movement pattern and you will go a lot of stress in the system.

Now let’s say you withdraw completely neglecting your car and your tires overinflated or under.

at the wrong tire pressure will wear faster.

This is exactly how people with back pain, core muscles to stabilize the nucleus had been extinguished and no longer function properly in order to stabilize the core, forcing the spine to more stress than what it should.

Other deep stabilizing muscles so that the work can not compensate, and they add even more stress on the spine.

It’s exactly like those of you expecting a strong core stable, but still performing basic, while advanced techniques are available, such as the formation of multi-dimensional stability of basic training Basic and dynamic stability training stability Challenge base.

In summary, address the following four factors and you can finally get rid of back pain:

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muscle imbalances and postural
2 Habits of movement dysfunction in movement, sport and
three days of recruitment and muscle activation patterns
4 Core stability training methods

advanced reading of these concepts, you might think, “It sounds so simple, why I have not heard before

If you are, I know what’s exactly how you feel


The thing I never found a single resource or a therapist, each piece of the puzzle in a way that I can understand and follow …

Also, I was never the intention This program is compiled

But then I wrote on my blog about the pain of exercise and back was the number of athletes who were active and shaped outdated but still had back pain, from which they really enjoy the sport they love …

> That’s when I knew I had everything I ‘have more than 10 years in the treatment of back pain had learned and the search for a cure to follow in an easy to say, help you step by step, the program you, you eliminate your pain for good and avoid all the wasted time and errors that I was on and made serious

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