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A large area of the world’s population experience tension headache. When people are influenced by tension headache, expect quiet time in productivity since pain is unbearable. Staying on front from the computer, reading books or making calculations would be a burden in this case. Preferably, the person simply really wants to go to sleep to cut back the pain. It is necessary then to learn some effective tension headache remedies so that you can decrease the pain. Actually, rest, ice packs or even a long, hot shower can be effective tension headache remedies. Various natural yet safe methods may be tapped to attenuate the severity and frequency of chronic tension headaches. They can be used to complement remedy arrange for headache. Try a number of the following suggestions to see which perform best to suit your needs.

* Seek other ways to handle life’s stress. Stress is often accountable for causing tension headache. If you wish to be avoid stressful situations, play the role of more organized. Making time for relaxation likewise helps a lot. If a particular day seems to be filled up with stressful events, take a breathe and focus.

* Choose cold or hot. You may either choose from a hot or cold compress nearly as good tension headache remedies. It is really an individual choice when using these compress.. Below are a few ways to apply heat safely: a hot-water bottle, warm compress or perhaps a hot towel. A hot bath or shower is a great suggestion. If cold can be your choice, make sure that you don’t apply ice on the skin.

* Observe good posture. Tense muscles tend to be brought on by bad posture. Body parts including tendons and bones are affected by bad posture. Good posture is essential in proper body development and protects the body from injuries.

* Massage. Massage can relieve tight muscles and ease tension. A relaxing back and head massage is very natural and calming approach to reduce the tension brought on by tight muscles. Lots of people also swear which it helps eliminate tension headache. The top, neck, and shoulders can be slowly massaged making use of your fingertips. You can even get a full masseuse to complete the job. Choose a nearest practitioner in your area or browse online to learn more.

Tension Headache and Tension

Article by Dean Watson

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The medical model of headache and migraine recognizances two conditions – migraine and tension-type headache. Recently the International Headache Society introduced a third ‘group’ of headaches; this group comprises Cluster Headache, Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania, SUNCT, and Hemicrania Continua.

In this model, the assumption has been the pain of tension headache arises from increased tension in the muscles of the scalp and forehead. However research has shown:

– that tension in muscles of the scalp and forehead in tension headache sufferers during a headache is no different to controls

– increased tension in the muscles of the neck in tension headache sufferers when compared to controls

– improved performance of the muscles of the upper neck reduced the severity and frequency of tension headache significantly

Perhaps then tension headache is an unrecognized cervicogenic (neck) headache?


YourHeadacheSoultions. co. uk is one voice of the Watson Headache Institute.

The Watson Headache Institute was established to increase the awareness of cervicogenic (neck) disorders in headache and migraine by imparting my (and that of others) clinical experience and knowledge; to present and discuss past and present relevant research and to undertake and support rigorous clinical and scientific research in this specialty.

Appropriate and up-to-date knowledge is self-empowering; I believe that every headache sufferer has the right to know their headache diagnosis as precisely as possible (and what it means), to know the nature of their headache disorder, its outcome and possible types of treatment.

What has yet to gain acceptance is my (and that of others) belief, supported by my unparalleled clinical experience and a significant body of international research, that it is incorrect to consider headache and migraine types as totally different entities and that cervicogenic (neck) disorders can be instrumental in the headache and migraine process.

Although Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy are different disciplines, we are supporters of the idea that headache and migraine sufferers, no matter what their diagnoses, can be helped to live their lives more effectively through appropriate neck treatment. However , because treatment of the neck does not fit the medical model of headache and migraine, the model has demonstrated little interest in exploring this as an option. It is essential that all factors, which have the potential to sensitise the brainstem, be investigated equally. Currently this is not the situation – the neck is largely disregarded.

So , whilst YourHeadacheSolutions. com is also about Education, it is also a directory for headache and migraine sufferers to source practitioners who have a particular interest in and are skilled in examination of the neck as a source of your headache or migraine – to create a more comprehensive approach and provide an alternative, medication-free treatment.

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tension Headache

Headaches are maybe the most common painful symptoms of stress. head aches caused by stress can range from the low pain “I’m not even aware that I have a headache” to the high pain “My head’s gonna burst! inch types of headaches.

It is interesting and informative to take a closer look at how a stress caused head ache develops. First, stress leads to some confusion and discord at the intellectual or psychological levels. At this stage pain is not manifested yet as the mindful mind is dealing with the problem.

However , because stress becomes prolonged, the particular conscious mind loses the focus and no longer tries to deal with the whole problem plus recognizes only parts of this. Confusion and conflict turn out to be layered as the process will go deeper: it affects the particular conscious mind, then goes on deeper to the subconscious and when even that is overwhelmed, this goes on to the psychosomatic degree and pain is starting to manifest.

Due to the non-physical nature of tension, pain and headaches specifically are the body’s way of stating “I don’t know what to do with this, you deal with it! inch If the dull, ever existing pain gets stronger it may cause sharp pain in some places or a more intense sensation of being overwhelmed and missing air or breathing area.

Getting sufficient rest, letting go associated with mental or emotional barriers, and taking a step back to look from a wider perspective is a good start for healing tension caused headaches. Once if you’re on the path to a healthier way of life, don’t stop!