Headaches – Migraine Remedies

Migraines can be very painful and almost crippling to its sufferers. And you would think that in the world of medical advancements that we live in that doctors would be able to tame this. Yet, it still seams to be a hit and miss when it comes to cures and migraine remedies. Many have tried and failed to prevent these headaches or even reduce the pain that it inflicts with pain killers but these can often be ineffective. Even when they do work it’s not for sure that the attacks will not return.

However for some people pain killer are effective. Determining how much of what kind of pain killer to take when can be difficult but it never the less possible. If you have consulted with your doctor about this then he has probably recommended or prescribed you some pain killers. This often the first step that many doctors take. Be sure that you take it as he prescribes as even if it doesn’t work it could help him/her to figure out something that will. But the reason that drugs may not work is that they don’t target the specific problem. It’s more a patch job then anything else.

If pain killers are ineffective for you then other migraine remedies have been seen to work, such as vitamins. More specifically vitamins B2, B3 and B6 help prevent narrowing of the arteries which then help blood flow and thus could potentially reduce the severity of a migraine or eliminate it completely.

Magnesium tablets are included into the list of possible migraine remedies. These basically have the same effect as the B vitamins only these help with chemical message between your brain and the arteries. Since all a migraine is a chemical imbalance in the brain, when taken properly these can be very effective. The dose that the hospitals are using is 200mg of magnesium citrate capsules which are taken twice a day.

Something else that many could be very easily over seeing is a healthy diet. If you have a diet rich in natural fat then your chances of a migraine are largely reduced. Many natural fats contain Omega 3 which has also been known to help prevent inflammation of the arteries but more specifically the ones in the brain. This if it works can largely decrease the pain in an attack or even very well eliminate the attacks all together.

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