Ocular Migraine and Pregnancy

There are some changes occuring in the body during pregnancy, some significant ans some not. It is said that there will be some first time changes while others is quite peculiar. For instance, some women might suddenly have allergies to dogs or cats while others might long for fish and honey. it is no surprise when a pregnant woman go through an ocular migraine

Trying to predict the occurrence of an ocular migraine is like trying to predict the weather for the following month. However , being able to identify the symptoms of this form of migraine will make handling it so much more simpler. As a pregnant woman, be comforted as the ocular migraine is very common and at most times not harmful at all.

Let me state my opinion; It is inevitable, when a woman becomes pregnant the body will go through those changes. These are your “hormonal changes”. These changes causes a change in the blood flow of the body, which directly impacts on the “neurological” activities of the body. We know from biology, that all neurological activities are linked to the brain. The changes in the neurological activities can sometimes affect and not damage, the part of the brain responsible for vision. You will know you are experiencing an ocular migraine, by covering your one eye and seeing the “distortion” of zig zag like waves in the other eye. You will find by repeating the process with the other eye, chances are everything will be ok. Clue number one, an ocular migraine only affects one eye at any given point in time. The migraine normally last for up to +- 20-40 minutes.

Rest assured, in normal cases, these migraines will have no direct impact on the birth of your newborn. Ocular headaches will only really affect your vision on an intermittently basis. Chance are you won’t experience any pain or nausea. I am not a licensed doctor, so therefore I will refrain from giving any medical advise here; however , should these vision disturbances reoccur with intensity, I will strongly urge you to visit your eye doctor.